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Christian Conference Center Food Poisoning Lawsuit

About 20 people are sick with what appears to be severe food poisoning from the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center in California. Several first responders were called to the 39300 Block of Oak Glen Road in Yucaipa, California at about 8:20PM Pacific Time on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection was among those on the scene with Yuciapa Fire, and Riverside County Fire departments. The American Medical Response ambulances were also called in, and transported about 13 victims to several nearby hospitals in the area. As many as ten ambulances were called to the scene. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office was also called in to assist with the transport of those ill and the investigation.

The details of the incident are still forthcoming, and the first responders have commenced investigations. During several interviews by local media outlets, some details have come to light. According to Cal Fire Spokeswoman Debbie Chapman, as of 10:30PM Pacific Time last night, the authorities were unable to confirm the cause or causes of the mystery illnesses. Based on the symptoms, it is believed they are foodborne in nature. Cal Fire Battalion Chief Grant Malinowski commented to the press that there were about 21victims in total. However, as investigations progress, more cases may be identified.

Interviews with first responders have not disclosed information about the victims or what their exact symptoms were. The ages and residential location of the victims is currently unknown. Based on the representations of a Facebook media outlet, it appears that there may be minor children involved in the incident. As the authorities investigate the incident, there is hope that a source of the potential outbreak is found. As the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center is an all-inclusive camp, it is likely that the food served at the location could be the source. The local health authorities may also inspect the premises and interview the victims as to what they may have eaten or drank that day.

Our firm will continue to investigate the details surrounding this potential outbreak. If you or someone in your family is sick after attending festivities at Oak Glen Christian Conference Center, it is a good idea to seek immediate medical attention.

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